The SA Local Government Supervisory Officers' Association.
The South Australia Local Government Supervisory Officers' Association was started by a small group of dedicated Local Government Supervisors in 1975.

In the early days of the association, meetings were held at various locations, usually at a council depot or similar.  The association grew in popularity in the eighties as the benefit of membership was realised. The networking opportunities for supervisory officers were extremely beneficial and the social aspect of membership was the basis for many long term friendships being formed.  The association membership took a dramatic fall in membership due mainly to council amalgamations during the late nineties. The association went into recession for about four years but with the amalgamations long behind now have a strong membership once again.

The Annual Study Tour which started in 1994 was a very successful event within the association for some 23 years, with visits to facilities such as Olympic Dam mining, Electricity Power transmission plant at Port Augusta, Major highway reconstruction in Mildura and Water pumping station at Mannum, Open-Cut mining at Leigh Creek and a vehicle assembly plant in Melbourne to name just a few.

The object of the Association is to provide a central organisation of Supervisors and officers associated with Local Government and related organisations and to promote co-operation, mutual assistance and fellowship between them and throughout Local Government. We also arrange, convene and hold conferences and regional meetings as may be considered necessary from time to time, for discussing subjects relating to Local Government.  Topics which are of interest to our members include design, construction, management and environmental issues and plant maintenance.  We also print and distribute from time to time, to our members, papers especially prepared for the Association, and records relating to the Association. We endeavor to generally to do all things necessary to promote and protect the interest and welfare of our members and to assist them in the discharge of their functions and duties.  

The Association is not a Union or Industrial Association. The Association raises funds by subscriptions from annual membership. This amount is set at $50.00 for the current financial year for Members, and $250.00 for Associates. The association is a non profit organisation. Those people eligible for membership are officers of Local Government who carry out the duties of Management and Supervision of Works Programs, and those officers now retired from Local Government if they so desire. Associate Membership is made up of representatives of public authorities and organisations, business houses or those persons whose interests are connected with the work of the Association. 

Affiliate Membership is made up of South Australian Supervisory Officers who convene and meet from time to time on a regional or area basis.
The Executive Management Committee is made up of President, Secretary and Treasurer and the ordinary Management Committee consists of two associate members from sales and supply. The President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected at the A.G.M.

The Associate Committee Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the Associate Members in accordance with the constitution. One member being from a trade supply background, and the other being from a trade contracting background.
The President and Treasurer are elected on the alternate year to the Secretary for continuity of office. Each executive office holder is elected for a period of 2 years with the other committee members for a period of one year. 

1994 Roxby Downs
1995 Mount Gambier
1996 Broken Hill
1997 Mildura
1998 Port Lincoln
1999 Melbourne
2000 Arkaroola / Leigh Creek
2001 Murray Bridge/Mannum
2002 Portland
2003 Roxby Downs
2004 Swan Hill
2005 Yorke Peninsula
2006 Melbourne
2007 Kangaroo Island
2008 Mildura
2009 Broken Hill
2010 Bendigo
2011 Echuca
2012 Port Lincoln
2013 Robe
2014 Geelong
2015 Postponed
2016 Riverland SA
2017 (Did not take place)


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